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Carnelian Heart

Carnelian Heart

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 This gorgeous puffy heart is known as the Artists Stone, Carnelian is flushed with creative energy. It will kickstart your own creative heart, fill you with vibrancy, and encourage you to embrace that inner child that resides inside all of us. With this Carnelian Heart close by, you can live a vivacious life of splendor. 

The Carnelian Heart beats in beautiful shades of red and orange. Ever aflame, this heart-shaped Carnelian crystal is here to fill us full of courage, to remind us of our inner strength, and to help us attract all the delights of love and life we so deserve. Carnelian is an active and stirring stone, it taps into the sacral chakra and awakens our warrior spirit and our creative force. The heart shape is the perfect curve for Carnelian as it’s a gem that reminds us to be warm and full-hearted in all that we choose. 

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